How would you like to support your local community in a multitude of ways and be “green,” all at the same time?
By supporting Greener Little Seeds (GLS) you can! Whether it be $1,000 or 1 cent, GLS appreciates your support and wants you to help build something educational and fun for generations to come.

Our Cause
Greener Little Seeds believes that educating students early about sustainability is a great way to encourage and inspire them to help preserve our environment for the next generation. We have a responsibility now to educate, inspire and offer hope to children so they can believe in a world that is safe, healthy and full of promise for their children, too.

We will empower children and the community by providing them with facts about environmental issues in a positive manner, and then equipping them with simple but effective tools to live greener.

Our Mission

To educate children, parents and the community on environmental issues and to inspire them to take positive action towards protecting our environment and human lives.

Greener Little Seeds will complete the construction work for our center; installing the bamboo floors and high efficiency heating and cooling systems, energy efficient lighting and Zero Volatile Organic Compound paint by March 2015. We will engage the community on a whole about our non-toxic child development environment through various initiatives; including our grand opening ceremony.